LABORATOIRES FIJIE FRANCE established in Paris, France in 2015 and consists of 3 departments:

  • 1) R&D Center
  • 2) Distribution company
  • 3) Manufacturer

From the very beginning LABORATOIRES FIJIE FRANCE built a business-concept based on the search for innovations in aesthetic medicine. The R&D department consists of international experts in medicine, biology and chemistry. The company conducts extensive research work in aesthetic medicine, which is carried out by a team of scientists, doctors and technologists. LABORATOIRES FIJIE FRANCE develops formulas and manufactures products at various production sites that respond international GMP standards.
Using innovative approaches to the development of new formulas LABORATOIRES FIJIE FRANCE presents a line of anti-age products:

  • • Dermal Fillers NOVACUTAN FBio DVS (Light, Medium, Volume)
  • • Matrix BioModulator NOVACUTAN BioPro
  • • Masks NOVACUTAN Full Face Filler Mask and Eye Filler Mask

Rapidly increasing demand among both specialists and patients indicates first of all the high effectiveness of the products.
The high efficacy and rejuvenating effect fundamentally distinguish NOVACUTAN from other products and allows you to achieve a prolonged result in a short time.
Using the NOVACUTAN Anti-Aging range experts are confident in the safety proven by numerous laboratory and clinical studies.
Further research, development and clinical trials are ongoing.
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