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AQUASHINE BTX ™ training. Biomimetic peptides for muscle relaxation. 4 Steps of Harmonization. Full face correction. 11 Avenue D’Eylau, Paris, France 16th November 2019 9.30

About Company

Laboratoires Fijie France

Laboratoires Fijie France established in Paris, France three years ago and includes three companies:


Production Company


Distribution company


R&D Center

From the very beginning of its evolvement LABORATOIRES FIJIE FRANCE built a business-concept, based on the search for innovation in the field of aesthetic medicine. Distribution Company has a big network of well established distribution channels in different countries. LABORATOIRES FIJIE FRANCE represent the following brand:

Our Mission

OUR MISSION. Development and implementation of new technologies in products of Aesthetic medicine Successful experience in promoting aesthetic products on the international market Global network of distribution

world brand

Having accumulated clinical experience and scientific research base, scientists from Russia and CAREGEN R&D Center created AQUASHINE BTX, which is represented by Laboratoires FIJIE all over the world.

  • 25Countries
  • 5 000Clinics
  • 10 000Specialists
About Product

AQUASHINE BTX - is a multilevel and cross-functional product. Due to the well-balanced lifting and relaxation processes, a multilevel and selective anti-age effect in all the morphofunctional layers of the skin and surrounding tissues is achieved. The treatment enables gentle and selective correction of all the problems simultaneously.

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