The world aesthetic industry tends to satisfy a growing demand, basing on the gained experience and the latest R&D. A significant result of the joint efforts of chemists and cosmetologists is creation of Aquashine BTX — next generation product. The product has been developed by scientists of CAREGEN CO LTD scientific & research laboratory in order to offer a comprehensive solution in anti-age therapy. The speciality of the product is that it has the features of both reconstructive and relaxant agent.


  • Oligopeptide-62 | RELAXATION
  • Decapeptide-29 | RELAXATION
  • Acityl Decapeptide-3 | COLLAGENOGENESIS
  • Oligopeptide-72 | MATRIX-PROTECTION
  • Oligopeptide-51 | WHITENING

It blocks the transition of nervimuscular impulse, muscle contractions weaken. There is a reduction of mimic wrinkles within some time.

It blocks the transition of nervimuscular impulse.
Down-regulates the pigmentary effect and prevents the occurrence of pigment spots.

Reduces the occurrence of wrinkles with fibroblasts and keratinocytes cell proliferationand differentiation. Activates neocollagenogenesis. Changes skin texture by thickening epidermis.
It has more stable and long lasting effect than native peptide.

Activates fibroblasts and keratinocytes cell proliferation and differentiation, GAGs synthesis of dermal matrix. Enhances the survivability of damaged skin cells. Reduces aging wrinkles and normalizes scar tissue regeneration.

Strong inhibitor of endogenous hyaluronidase interconnects with enzyme and suppresses hyaluronic acid degradation and as a result there is a long-lasting effect of gel in matrix.
Anti-aging effect. Reduces the existent number of wrinkles due to neocollagenogenesis.

Evens the tone.
Reverses signs of photodamage at the cellular level and lightens pigment spots.
Activity suppression of MMP 2,4 and others. Blocks apoptosis.
Activates cell proliferation and differentiation, GAGs synthesis.
Anti-inflammatory effect.

Fast and working depigmentation effect due to interlinking abruption of alpha-MSH and melanin receptor MC1R. Corrects the results of photodamage, blue hyperpigmentation, prevents the occurrence of new pigmentation, evens the tone

Focus areas

Formulation of the product has 5 main areas of focus:

Focused relaxation of the muscle fibers in the skin and the fibers of mimic muscles that are integrated into the skin.

Control of regeneration

Normalization of melanogenesis

Revitalization of the skin

Control of all anabolic and catabolic processes in the skin

3 TREATMENTS | 14 DAYS Interval

Skin ultrasonic scanning

3 TREATMENTS | 7 DAYS Interval

Histologic examination (hematoxylin and eosin, х100)


Pharmacodynamic properties of AQUASHINE BTX enable using the
product in a variety of injection techniques:


Clinical level: